The AI assistant for architects

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Seamless Integration

The AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with your CAD software, helping you exactly where you already work.

Unparalleled Architectural Comprehension

The AI assistant has a deep understanding of architecture. It can understand and assess your project's qualities from your BIM model and additional project information to provide you with the best information and solutions to your specific design problems.

AssistantHow can I help you?Which regulations are relevant for my project?The following regulations are relevant for your project:1. Saxon Building Code2. Workplace Regulation3. DIN 4543-1 - Office Workplaces Part 14. VDI 2058 Sheet 3 - Noise at the workplace6. Workplace directive 7. ASR 17 Traffic routes8. ASR 29 Break rooms9. DIN 18040-1 Accessible planning10. DIN 18040-2 Accessible planningWhat does the workplace directive say about the development of traffic routes?MEAA
AssistantHow can I help you?Show me a woodwork detail for an exterior wall.Gladly. Here is a detail for an insulated exterior wall in timber frame construction.Shall I import the detail into your project?MEAAYes. Please import the detail into plan A03.
AssistantHow can I help you?Evaluate my design with use and cost in mind.The use of office space in your building is implemented almost optimally. The costs of the conversion per m2 are in the average range. It might make sense to generate variants with a stronger emphasis on the cost factor.Generate me solutions with stronger emphasis on cost reduction!MEAA

Design Inspiration and Collaboration

AI will not replace the human designer. You can use the assistant for inspiration, as an interactive co-designer, or for automatically filling in the remaining parts of your design. Work on the parts you love and leave the rest to the assistant.

AssistantSalesEngeneeringBack officeMarketingManagment1671353GenerateHigh productivityMinimal construction costsOptimal workplaces+ User+ Weighted Goal

Regulatory Compliance

The AI assistant knows about all relevant regulations for your project. It can automatically check your designs for compliance and provide suggestions to address any issues.

AssistantHow can I help you?Are my project variants compliant with the relevant regulations?In variant 4 there seem to be problems with accessibility according to DIN 18040-1 Barrier-free planning. The remaining variants are compliant with the regulations.Suggest a solution to me.MEAA

Project Management and Coordination

The AI assistant can help you create timelines, budgets and allocate resources. It provides interfaces for stakeholders to define requirements and helps track progress and milestones, so it can suggest adjustments to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

AssistantHow can I help you?What tasks are left until the end of the current work stage?Here are the remaining tasks:- Preliminary consultation with authority- Cost calculation KG 500- Finalization of the building modelGive me a status report on the CAD model.MEAA

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